Plimpton & Roemer Featured in January 2016 Issue of Car Craft Magazine

Continued success for ATD’s drag racing customers.

The Plimpton & Roemer families are published again after successful 2015 drag racing season. The January 2016 issue of Car Craft features Jimmy Plimpton’s new personal best of 4.55 @ 154 mph in his X275 “Fearmont” and Michael Roemer’s “Flying Pickle” S10.

Jimmy Plimpton, Jr. Car Craft January 2016
Jimmy Plimpton, Jr’s Fearmont Flies the ATD Logo Front & Center

The 22 year-old Roemer’s “Flying Pickle ” and his personal commentary were featured in an article titled “Is It Safe?” which discussed the future of drag racing and no-prep races. With Michael’s constantly improving 2015 season knocking on the 4s in Ultra Street, and multiple features in publications, there’s no doubt that this young racer has a bright future in the sport.

Mike Roemer in January 2016 Issue of Car Craft
Mike Roemer in January 2016 Issue of Car Craft


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Plimpton & Roemer Featured in January 2016 Issue of Car Craft Magazine

Plimptons Find More Success in September

Crushing records and taking home some cash.

The father-son duo of Jim & Jimmy Plimpton go big with the Fearmont in September, setting two new records, a new personal best, one event win, and one event runner up.

  • 9/3/15: Jimmy sets GLD 275 record at 4.75.
  • 9/13/15: Jimmy sets new Midwest Drag Radial Association (MDRA) X275 record at 4.674 during qualifying (breaking his old record from 2014).
  • 9/13/15: Jimmy wins MDRA X275 at Byron, 4.778 @ 149.85 mph.
  • 9/20/15: Jimmy sets new personal best at 2015 Shakedown at the Summit, 4.55 @ 154 mph.
  • 9/20/15: Jimmy goes runner-up in X275 Finals at 2015 Shakedown at the Summit.
Jimmy Plimpton at Byron
Jimmy Plimpton at Byron

ATD – We Build Winners

Plimptons Find More Success in September

Dorr Wins on Saturday: 2015 Super Stock Truck Class Champion

Gets fitted for another World Championship Ring

DORR Wins on Saturday: Super Stock Truck Class Champion and World Champion

Mitch Dorr headed to Crandon for the final weekend of racing of the Sportsman Off-Road Series supported by MORR with two goals in mind. The first was to win the Super Stock Truck Championship and the other was to win another World Championship ring. The second-generation racer had some very tough competition, but was able to accomplish both goals halfway through the Labor Day Weekend event.

The weather for the Labor Day Weekend was unseasonably warm and the racing could be described in similar fashion. Twenty Super Stock Truck competitors were lined up door to door for one incredible land rush start. When the green flag was dropped the field made the 2000-foot charge into Potawatomi Turn One. Then as pack headed for the Barn Turn, Matt Siorek went into a violent barrel roll, somehow Siorek walked away from the incident, as the safety equipment did its job, but the race truck might seen its final time on the track.
The restart saw the field line up in row of two for a rolling start, this time the start went off with any issues. Quickly Mitch Dorr had the #897 Auto Trans Design Hi-Rev Graphics Super Stock Truck in the lead with Nick Byng attempting to keep pace with the white and black Ford F-150. Byng did his best to challenge Dorr for the top spot, but it just didn’t have what it would take to catch the leader. At the finish, Mitch Dorr would take the win and clinch the 2015 Super Stock Truck Championship for the second year in a row. The win would also give Dorr his third World Championship ring of his career.
Mitch and the team only celebrated slightly as the truck needed to be prepped for Sunday’s finale.
The final race of the season saw Dorr get the holeshot and lead the field through Turn One. Then on lap 2, while leading the race, a connecting rod punched a large hole in the engine block ending the day for the newly crowned Class and World Champion.
Mitch Dorr Super Stock Truck - ATD

“Our goal this year was to back up our season long performance from a year ago,” commented Mitch Dorr. “I pretty sure we did that. The points difference between and second place looks like we had an easy time this year, but every race was a hard fought battle. We say it all the time, but it’s really true, more than half the class has a legitimate shot at the win every time out. You know I can’t thank my friends and family enough for all the support and all the late nights back at the shop and at the track. I have to thank Charlie and Mike at Auto Trans Design for building an incredible transmission and they have always been there to make sure our truck performs it best. Of course I can’t thank my mom and dad enough for the support, the hard work they have always put in, and always reminding me nothing comes easy and with effort comes rewards.”
Mitch would also like to thank his sponsors:
Automatic Transmission Design – K & N Filters – BFGoodrich Tires
High Rev Graphics – AMSOIL.
Mitch Dorr Super Stock Truck - ATD
– Race Report: MTG (Mike Reusche)
Dorr Wins on Saturday: 2015 Super Stock Truck Class Champion

Keegan Kincaid Shatters Leduc’s Pro 4 Win Streak with ATD Turbo 400

Leduc had 13 straight wins going into the last TORC Pro 4 race of the season at Crandon.

Many said it couldn’t be done – that an automatic couldn’t dominate the manual transmissions in the Pro 4 class. The growing trend in Pro 4 short course off-road racing has been manual transmissions. The theory is that you can achieve better gear ratio splits and make the car faster and more nimble – but we know differently.

ATD has been successful for many years in Pro 4 with a properly designed Turbo 400 transmission package. In fact, testing an ATD automatic versus a manual transmission yielded faster, more consistent lap times. Some drivers have a different style and want to grab gears. That’s fine, we just know how to beat them.

And so does Keegan Kincaid.

That’s exactly what he did in Sunday’s Pro 4 race at Crandon. Piloting Mike Jenkins’s Traxxas Pro 4 to the top step of the box uncontested. Keegan had shown speed all weekend but ran into some mechanical difficulties while leading Saturday’s race. From the drop of the green flag on Sunday, Keegan pulled the holeshot and never looked back.

Keegan Kincaid Pro 4 - ATD
Keegan Kincaid Pro 4

Keegan crushed the competition, finishing the race with only three remaining tires.

The winning combination:

  • ATD Prepped Turbo 400 for Short Course,
  • Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 Aftermarket Case,
  • Ultra Close Ratio Turbo 400 Gearset,
  • A Torque Converter.

The most commonly overlooked piece of the Pro 4 package is the torque converter. By choosing a clutch over a torque converter, you lose a performance edge. A properly designed torque converter is absolutely critical to winning races, and ATD can get you there.

Contact us today to learn how we can design a race winning short course transmission and converter package, and start your own win streak.

ATD – We Build Winners

Keegan Kincaid Shatters Leduc’s Pro 4 Win Streak with ATD Turbo 400

Jimmy Plimpton, Jr. & “The Fearmont” Featured on

Continued success brings the press.

The father son team of Jim & Jimmy Plimpton and their notorious X275 car, “The Fearmont,” are known by many across the country. With their continued racing success and record breaking passes, some additional media coverage has come their way. featured Jimmy & his 1979 Ford Fairmont making a pass from the 2014 Shakedown at Summit. Even though the article mistakenly identifies the car as a “G-Body” named “Ape Shit,” it’s nice to see that a hardworking team is getting the exposure they deserve. Jimmy Plimpton's Fearmont - ATD

Jimmy’s hot rod features an ATD 2 Speed Turbo 400 with our brand new billet aluminum clean neutral transbrake.

To get your own record breaking drag racing transmission package, contact us today.

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Jimmy Plimpton, Jr. & “The Fearmont” Featured on

Turbo 400 Close Ratio Gearsets

Reinventing the three speed automatic racing trans.

The wait is over.

Achieve ultra close ratio Turbo 400 ratios that rival those of a manual transmission with a new close ratio gearset from ATD.

Available in 1.66/1.34/1:1 (1st/2nd/3rd) or 1.60/1.31/1:1 (1st/2nd/3rd).  These brand new for 2015 gearsets must also be paired with a special billet aluminum center support for proper function and internal clearance.

Close ratio Turbo 400 gearsets from Automatic Transmission Design
Close ratio Turbo 400 gearsets from Automatic Transmission Design.

Contact us today to learn how this innovative new product can put you in the winners circle!

Other aftermarket gearset ratios are also available, the most popular options are:

  • 2.10/1.40/1:1
  • 1.95/1.34/1:1
  • 1.86/1.31/1:1

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate options to achieve the best possible results for your combination and budget.

ATD – We Build Winners.

Turbo 400 Close Ratio Gearsets

Michael Roemer & The Flying Pickle Featured on

One hot Ultra Street S-10.

“‘The Flying Pickle’, as it came to be known at last years’ Prize Fight, did all kinds of flying at this year’s edition. With the promise of some excellent track prep, Roemer and his family traveled down from Wadsworth, Illinois to take on the Ultra Street contingent. The S-10, which rides on a homebuilt 25.5 chassis, is motivated by a 440 cubic inch, 23-degree small black [sic] Chevrolet built by T&T Engines, with a Nitrous Express single bar entry plate system delivering the extra ‘oomph’ to the tune of an estimated 400-shot.”

Michael Roemer & The Flying Pickle S-10
Michael Roemer & The Flying Pickle S-10

“An ATD Powerglide moves the power back to a Ford 9-inch rear, with a ladder bar rear suspension. TRZ components and Menscer shocks all the way around help plant the power. Unfortunately, there was a little too much power on tap in the second round on Sunday when Roemer went into orbit and dragged the rear bumper while in an impressive wheelstand. But not before he made a career best run of 5.05, with tuning help coming from Jimmy Plimpton.”Michael Roemer Flying Pickle Powerplant

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Michael Roemer & The Flying Pickle Featured on