Keegan Kincaid Shatters Leduc’s Pro 4 Win Streak with ATD Turbo 400

Leduc had 13 straight wins going into the last TORC Pro 4 race of the season at Crandon.

Many said it couldn’t be done – that an automatic couldn’t dominate the manual transmissions in the Pro 4 class. The growing trend in Pro 4 short course off-road racing has been manual transmissions. The theory is that you can achieve better gear ratio splits and make the car faster and more nimble – but we know differently.

ATD has been successful for many years in Pro 4 with a properly designed Turbo 400 transmission package. In fact, testing an ATD automatic versus a manual transmission yielded faster, more consistent lap times. Some drivers have a different style and want to grab gears. That’s fine, we just know how to beat them.

And so does Keegan Kincaid.

That’s exactly what he did in Sunday’s Pro 4 race at Crandon. Piloting Mike Jenkins’s Traxxas Pro 4 to the top step of the box uncontested. Keegan had shown speed all weekend but ran into some mechanical difficulties while leading Saturday’s race. From the drop of the green flag on Sunday, Keegan pulled the holeshot and never looked back.

Keegan Kincaid Pro 4 - ATD
Keegan Kincaid Pro 4

Keegan crushed the competition, finishing the race with only three remaining tires.

The winning combination:

  • ATD Prepped Turbo 400 for Short Course,
  • Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 Aftermarket Case,
  • Ultra Close Ratio Turbo 400 Gearset,
  • A Torque Converter.

The most commonly overlooked piece of the Pro 4 package is the torque converter. By choosing a clutch over a torque converter, you lose a performance edge. A properly designed torque converter is absolutely critical to winning races, and ATD can get you there.

Contact us today to learn how we can design a race winning short course transmission and converter package, and start your own win streak.

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Keegan Kincaid Shatters Leduc’s Pro 4 Win Streak with ATD Turbo 400

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